Get to Know Our Trainer, Carly

Carly Shivers has been training dogs for over 10 years …


Carly Shivers has been training dogs for over 10 years, and loves to tell anyone who will listen that she wouldn’t be very good at it if it weren’t for a six year mentorship with nationally-renowned dog trainer, Aimee Sadler.

But we’re getting ahead of our story…

Like so many things in life, Carly’s path to dog training started quite serendipitously and, for her story, in Oakland, CA, in 2002, when she witnessed a 7 week old puppy tossed from a car. Dirty, bleeding, and scared, that 7 week old puppy – whom Carly scooped up immediately and named Pig (because she had a cute, little, curly-q deformed tail) and who lived a wonderful and long life until leaving us in 2016 at the age of 14 and a half years – would be the start of it all for Carly. At 14 weeks old, Pig, who had been such a lovely puppy for seven weeks, transformed into a complete terror, reducing the household to tears.

Carly and Pig were lucky enough to start working with a good trainer who quickly helped correct this problem and laid a foundation for Pig to be a better companion with her humans. Carly will never forget what it felt like to have a dog she loved but wasn’t sure she could live with and the difference a trainer with experience and knowledge can make in helping folks reach a balance in living well together with their dogs – and that is what fuels her passion in working with dogs and their people. In the years that followed Carly learned she loved challenging dogs, the more challenging the better, and has become an expert working with the worst of the worst. She absolutely loves helping dogs learn to think on their own, make better choices, and live the best lives with their humans.


Carly & Catie

Over the years, Carly added dog, Owen, and moved to Colorado, where she added another dog, Catie. Then Wyna, Boon, Tex, Dolly, & Doug. It was in the middle of this family growth that she met Aimee Sadler, then Director of Training & Behavior Modification at Longmont Humane Society. Carly still vividly remembers the first time she saw Aimee, out in a play yard with about 20 shelter dogs, deftly breaking up squabbles and then staying out of it, allowing the dogs to learn from each other. Talk about an AHA! moment! Carly knew without doubt she was in the presence of greatness where dog training was concerned, and asked Aimee to teach her everything. Lucky for Carly, Aimee is not only a phenomenal trainer but so willing to teach and just asked for help in helping the shelter dogs. So began a six year mentorship, and, happily, a lifelong friendship. If it weren’t for Aimee, Carly would never know the things she does about dog behavior that help her help so many people, so fast, and where other trainers can’t.

Carly, Wyna, Haley & Boon

Today, Carly lives in Longmont with her family of four dogs – Catie, Dolly, Wyna, & Doug – and one three-legged cat, Wally Tripod. And of course, always, with the wonderful memories – and so many lessons learned – of Pig, Owen, Boon, & Tex.

Carly  with  Wyna, Haley, and Boon

Carly with Wyna, Haley, and Boon

Carly  &  Pig

Carly & Pig