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Behavior Issues

Behavior issues can present themselves in a variety of ways — maybe you don’t have any trim left around your doors, or your dogs have started fighting, or perhaps you simply cannot get your dog to understand the house isn’t the bathroom.

whatever the problem may be, if there is one thing we can impress upon you right now it is this: just give us a call or drop us a note to discuss what’s going on. We are happy to talk with you free of charge and recommend next steps.

The thing is we remember back when we didn’t know what we know now and were sitting right where you are, wondering what the heck to do to fix this problem. We even know what it’s like to worry that you might not be able to keep your dog because of it and it’s an agonizing feeling.


But the good news is you’ve come to a great place for help. Our six years mentoring with Aimee Sadler gave us the most amazing hands-on experience working with thousands of cases, some of them the gnarliest of behavior issues, from all over the country. There might actually be nothing we haven’t seen. And what we can report to you is this: there is hope! In all the cases we have worked only 1-2% are truly beyond repair. We might not be able to completely fix every behavior issue, sometimes you have to honor who the dog is, but we are certain we can make it better in at least 98% of the cases. Sometimes it takes some work and sometimes we can fix it easily, but either way we will stick with you and your pup as long as is needed. You can also count on us to be honest with you if the situation isn’t great for you or the dog and help you figure out next steps, but truly that’s in about 1-2% of behavior cases so let’s get started fixing this problem together!

Other good news is we’re faster than most trainers in fixing behavior problems. Our top-tier level of experience means we can accurately and quickly identify issues and help you with tools and techniques to get your dog to rewardable behavior.

On average one to two private training sessions are all that’s needed and in quite a few cases we end up recommending a group class instead.

Our success rates are through the roof so stop agonizing and give us a call or drop us a note today!


Sundance & Yonder

Here’s some client feedback from a behavior session (one session total) in June 2012:
“When I came home one afternoon to find that my two rescued male dogs, Yonder and Sundance, had gotten into a fight over a bone that resulted in an emergency vet trip, I was devastated, particularly for Yonder who was abused as a puppy and has always been a sensitive and timid dog. It was clear that he was scared, and the dynamics of our pack changed dramatically. No longer did I trust the two of them together and I faced the difficult decision of trying to place Sundance in an only-dog home, or worse, surrendering him to the local humane society.


I could not bring myself to that decision, and in the meantime was keeping the dogs separated for their safety, which was very difficult. I finally reached out to Carly, who helped to reintroduce the dogs to each other, but more importantly, gave me the tools and techniques that I needed so that we can all remain together as a family. Now having reestablished myself as the leader and by keeping consistent boundaries in our household, we are all living together just fine.

I am so grateful for the help of these two amazing trainers. Their support for me and the dogs throughout this process has been continuous. Their gentle, simple, but firm techniques have been beyond effective and I am beyond appreciative that my family has remained intact.”
— Ritu H., Boulder, CO