We LOVE our community and the people and animals in it!

We believe there is something unique each of us has that can strengthen our community and make it easier for each other by working together. For us it’s dog training, and here are a few things we do to work for a better quality of life for all:


Dogs Unbroken : Giving Dogs a Second Chance

Carly generously donates her time and training to Dogs Unbroken, a Longmont shelter. This shelter is special in that, they specifically take on dogs who have apparent issues. These dogs need work before finding balance for rehoming, and that’s where Carly’s training comes in. She works with these dogs for months, until the Dogs Unbroken program can confidently place them in the right home.

Free Training in Assisted Living


We offer FREE training and behavior help for any folks living in assisted living facilities within Boulder County. We believe in a great quality of life for humans and canines, and know both will have a better one if they can stay together as a family! Just like Mary Ann, pictured here with her pup, Vicki. Vicki had a problem barking her little head off and guarding mom, and residents and attendees were complaining. One visit with them was all it took to curb that behavior, and now Mary Ann, Vicki, and the whole place can live together better and more peacefully! If you know folks in assisted living who would benefit from this free service, have them call us at 303.747.4419.


Dogs Playing for Life with Aimee Sadler


We are thrilled to continue to work with our friend and mentor, Aimee Sadler, in shelters nationwide, assisting her as she teaches her shelter dog socialization program to shelters and rescues all over the country. We think this is such important, life-saving, and live-changing (ours) work, we’ve made it a staple in our mission at High Drive Dog Company. We will always make sure one of us is available to go out with Aimee to any and all shelters looking to improve the lives of the animals they serve. If you’d like to learn more about this program and how it saves more shelter dogs’ lives, check this out: Dogs Playing for Life Brochure.