Go on a nice vacation, continue your pup’s training with us.


We offer overnight boarding to all our training clients, and only our training clients – this is not a service available to the general public.

To us boarding is just another extension of training. All the training you learn at High Drive Dog Company is maintained while dogs are staying with us. Our team – including Carly, who interacts with the dogs in boarding every day – knows how to reward stable, balanced, confident behavior, to promote thinking from the pups, and to not reinforce low confidence behavior. This means when dogs board with us they are likely learning more than when they are at home!

Unlike traditional boarding facilities, where dogs generally come back wild lunatics, your dog comes home better trained than he or she went in due to the structure and thinking promoted while staying with us. In addition to the mental stimulation, there is physical exertion as well in the form of play groups or, if appropriate, one on one play with dog and team member.

What the High Drive Boarding Experience is Like

A typical day boarding with us consists of first outs at 7 am and last outs finish up at 10 pm. This means your pup is sleeping overnight in a reasonable time frame to that at home, not left at 6 pm to hold it 12+ hours like more traditional boarding facilities.

In between 7 am and 10 pm there are multiple play groups, potty breaks, breakfast & dinner, and napping. Dogs are sprinters, not marathoners, so naps in between their daily activity are necessary, or they become cranky and aren’t learning as well as they could be.

Boarding is $55/night for the first dog, 20% off for each additional night for multiple dogs from the same home staying on the same night. If one of your dogs is in training and not the others, the others are welcome to board with us.

To book your boarding, send your dates to us at

We’ll get you on the calendar and send all the info you’ll need!

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Every day is Dog Day for us! 🐶🐕🐩🐾