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“Carly’s approach and understanding of the dog brain helped us understand our puppy’s thinking and what motivates him. Not only were classes informative but entertaining and fun. We looked forward to class each week!”

reviews from our CLASSES

“Carly is so passionate about what she does and makes everything really easy to understand and follow. She is so in tune with dog and owner behavior, it seems there is no behavior or situation that can’t be conquered!”

“This class was outstanding. I really liked the training techniques of pressure, release, reward, etc. It really worked great for our puppy and also worked with our own philosophy. Thanks so much for a wonderful class!”

Josh and Rocco High Drive Training Class

“This class was so much more than I thought it would be! My dog & I learned so much plus it was fun for both of us. Carly is so organized & her techniques make sense!”

“Our class was not only fun, but rewarding. I didn’t know my dog was so smart!”
– Devra M., Longmont

“I’m so amazed by everything & regret not having done this with former dogs.”
– Chris S., Wheat Ridge

“The enthusiasm and knowledge that Carly has about dogs reflects in the quick learning that takes place by the animals. Gus is always ready to learn more! Thank you!”
– The Dumler Family, Niwot

“Carly’s class was great. We rescued a 6 month old puppy, and Carly gave us great help in controlling her. We got great practical tips that helped us in everyday life. Carly is fabulous with dogs.”
– Winnie’s Family, Longmont

“Carly is so patient and passionate. She gives you & your dog all the tools to succeed – you just need to practice. Easy instructions to follow, and results right away!”
– Kristin M., Boulder

“This class went above and beyond my expectations for a beginner’s course! Not only were behaviors fixed, but skills were refined throughout the six weeks. At 8 months old, Brody has improved tremendously to the point that friends and family do not believe he is the same pup. On walks he rarely pulls anymore, eye contact has improved, and all other basic skills have been refined. I look forward to what we learn in Intermediate class! Thank you SO much for everything!”
– Danielle F, Niwot

“The class was great because all the tools and tricks were presented. I really liked all the personal attention.”
– Kevin & Mojo, Lafayette


our favorite PRIVATE TRAINING review

Sundance & Yonder

Here’s some client feedback from a behavior session (one session total) in June 2012:
“When I came home one afternoon to find that my two rescued male dogs, Yonder and Sundance, had gotten into a fight over a bone that resulted in an emergency vet trip, I was devastated, particularly for Yonder who was abused as a puppy and has always been a sensitive and timid dog. It was clear that he was scared, and the dynamics of our pack changed dramatically. No longer did I trust the two of them together and I faced the difficult decision of trying to place Sundance in an only-dog home, or worse, surrendering him to the local humane society.

Sundance & Yonder

Sundance & Yonder

I could not bring myself to that decision, and in the meantime was keeping the dogs separated for their safety, which was very difficult. I finally reached out to Carly, who helped to reintroduce the dogs to each other, but more importantly, gave me the tools and techniques that I needed so that we can all remain together as a family. Now having reestablished myself as the leader and by keeping consistent boundaries in our household, we are all living together just fine.

I am so grateful for the help of these two amazing trainers. Their support for me and the dogs throughout this process has been continuous. Their gentle, simple, but firm techniques have been beyond effective and I am beyond appreciative that my family has remained intact.”
— Ritu H., Boulder, CO